If we take God out of our government, then we take God out of our life. As we become self-righteous and complacent and refuse to stand up for One Nation Under God; we are sinning against His direct commands. Christianity is not to be held in the believer’s pious soul; but taken and shared everyday in the everyday world. As we struggle with a lack of jobs, financial issues, greed, political corruption, and many such issues; we must come to the realization that only the return to Christian values can save our country. Christian principles and teachings are not something we just read about or pay lip service to. They must be incorporated into our very life. The only way to salvation is through the grace of God. If we stand estranged from God’s word in our actions, we become estranged from His grace. Our government is no longer based on the law of God, but the law of man as needed. Too often the Bible is adapted to meet the requirements of our secular world. As has been seen in other great powers, let us never reach a point where the victory of our government means certain death to our Christian principles and the destruction of our government allows victory to His word. They must be intertwined. If our religious and moral obligations become subordinated to the laws or desires of government, then we as Christians must stand up. To follow Christ, we must be willing to die to self and perhaps to die physically. Even if you are not guilty of sins against God, you can and will be punished for apathy toward His word. We must be cautious of a totalitarian regime. We were not meant to be controlled by any government, but to control the government. In the separation of religion and state, it was never meant that religion would not be involved in and influence government; it was stated as to keep government from interfering with religion. Is the ideology of state and government reflecting that of Christianity? Or is it becoming a self-seeking ideological movement? Christianity is but a simple yet highly effective means of dealing lovingly and humbly with others assuming no nationalistic view or dominating factor.
Bill Davis