40 Days of Prayer, Week 5

Day 29Read and Ponder God’s Word: Honoring the Temple of God

I Cor 3:16-17 & 6:19-20, II Timothy 2:21

Prayer Focus: 

​Believers are to keep their bodies holy and fit for God’s glory and use. Confess any indiscretions of harmful habits and rest in the forgiveness and power of Christ.

Day 30Read and Ponder God’s Word: Repent from Idolatry

​Exodus 20:2-3, Matt 6:24 & 13:22

Prayer Focus:

​Examine your own heart and see if the deceitfulness of riches or cares of this life have choked out God’s word and will in your life. Have things or people taken first place? Confess and forsake ways you have allowed other things to come before God.

Day31Read and Ponder God’s Word: Becoming True Grace Givers

​Malachi 3:8-10, Luke 6:38, II Cor 9:7

Prayer Focus:

​If you sense God’s conviction about finances, obey Him now. You will quickly discover you cannot out-give God! Confess and forsake any neglect of tithes and offerings, let us rejoice in the greatness of His grace.

Day 32Read and Ponder God’s Word: Failure to Abide in Jesus

​John 15:4-7

Prayer Focus:

​As we confess and forsake our failure to faithfully draw near to God in prayer and to study his word frequently and regularly, let us ever place our trust in the “author and finisher of our faith.” 

Day 33Read and Ponder God’s Word: Ignoring Conflicts of Conscience

​Prov 28:13, Romans 14:23, I John 3:20-21

Prayer Focus:

​If you are involved in something about which you have a nagging lack of peace, you are in sin. Confess these sins where you have turned a deaf ear to God’s still small voice.

​Let us confidently claim forgiveness through the covenant in Christ’s blood.

Day 34Read and Ponder God’s Word: Be a Christian Witness

​Ezekiel 3:18, Matt 28:18-18, Acts 1:8, I Peter 3:5

Prayer Focus:

​Confess any failure to obey Christ’s great commission, let us rejoice in God’s full acceptance and grace.

Develop a prayer list of lost people around you and pray for their salvation and share with them of God’s great gift.

Day 35Read and Ponder God’s Word: Be willing to Serve

​Psalm 100:2, Romans12:1, Ephesian 4:8

Prayer Focus:

​God calls every believer to use their gifts consistently in the body of Christ. Ask God how you can use your gifts for Him today.