40 Days of Prayer, Week 4

Day 22Read and Ponder God’s Word: Embracing Biblical Reconciliation

Matt. 22:37-39, Matt 5:23-24

Prayer Focus: 

​Examine your relationships with your immediate family, extended family, anyone in your church, or anyone at school or work and ask God to help you reconcile any rifts.

Day 23Read and Ponder God’s Word: Victory over Unforgiveness

​Matt 6:14-15, Matt 18:35, Mark 11:25, Hebrews 12:15

Prayer Focus:

​Examine your own heart for bitterness; it may be bitterness towards a person, a group or organization, a church or bitterness towards godless politicians or social activists who attack our values. Ask God to help you forgive those who sin against us.

​Prayerfully confess any doubt or resentment toward God and give thanks for the victory in Jesus.

Day 24Read and Ponder God’s Word: Overcoming Improper Relationships

​Prov 6:27, Romans 14:23(b), I Cor 10:31, I John 3:20-21

Prayer Focus:

​Improper relationships can be anything from adultery and fornication to having an improper online relationship. Ask God to reveal any relationships that are improper or out of balance and confess and forsake the relationship, confidently claim the forgiveness and power of Christ’s grace.

Day 25Read and Ponder God’s Word: Loving and Serving Jesus through His Church

​Hebrews 10:25, I Cor 12:1-26,

Prayer Focus:

​Pray now to obey God by fully committing yourself to a local body of Christ. Confess and forsake our neglect of regular attendance and support of Christ’s Church.

​Pray God to rend the heavens in sweeping revival of the church.

Day 26Read and Ponder God’s Word: Growing as a Godly Man

​Eph 5:23(a) & 25, I Peter 3:7

Prayer Focus:

​As husbands and fathers and men confess your failures to love and lead in your families

​Pray for God to use you first in your families, in the church, and in society.

Day 27Read and Ponder God’s Word: Faithful Women

​Prov 31:26-28, Eph 5:24, 33(b), I Peter 3:3

Prayer Focus:

​As wives and mothers and women confess your failures to honor your husband, any neglecting of families, or useless idleness.

Pray for the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Day 28Read and Ponder God’s Word: Commands for Godly Parents

​Deut 6:6-8, Prov 22:6, Matt 18:6

Prayer Focus:

​Pray for God’s strength as we encourage our children and brothers and sisters in Christ in our church.

Pray that we can model God’s love to all around us