Yes, we are going to CELEBRATE Bill and Lynda’s retirement!

It’s been a challenge to decide when since we had the gym damage. (Not to mention Covid!)  After discussing all the possibilities and talking with Lynda, we want to wait until the gym is done AND it’s warmer in case we have to have it outside! 

We’ve picked Saturday, April 24th at North Anderson Baptist Gym.   This will allow the extensive repairs to be completed. (Say a prayer!) 

The time will probably be 4:00 until 6:00.  Feel free to drop in or fellowship the entire time!

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated!  Please go ahead and mark your calendars so you can be a part of this send off to the wonderful world of retirement for our dear Pastor Bill and Lynda. 

Please spread the word as some don’t really use email and social media.

As we’ve learned from 2020 and so far this year, stay flexible!