Christmas Prisoner Packs

Over the last many years, South Carolina Baptists  have participated in giving  a gift to prisoners in the SC Prison System in Columbia.  We had a former member who told us what a blessing these packets were to him while he was in prison.  Many of you have enjoyed participating in this project.  If you would like to do that again this year, the Saluda Baptist Association will collect them and carry them to Columbia in time for them to be distributed before Christmas:  There will be a basket to collect them in the Welcome Center and we will be sure to get them to the Associational office.  They are due by Wednesday, November 4.

Prisoner Kits – each kit contains:
– one black (only) non-retractable ink pen (no wire clip)
– one writing tablet – no larger than 5 l/2″ X 8″  (not wire bound)
– one adult toothbrush (individually factory sealed)
– one 4- 6 oz.  toothpaste
– one  3.2- 6 oz. bar of soap individually factory wrapped
– two rolls of candy (Lifesavers, Breathsavers, or Mentos only,)
– three (3)  first-class stamp embossed #10 envelopes (purchase at Post Office)
Please place all of these items in a one (1) gallon ziplock bag.