Janie Chapman Season of Prayer, Day 1

Rock Hill Dream Center Church
Rock Hill, South Carolina

At the Rock Hill Dream Center Church we believe that transformation can only happen by the prompting of God through the Holy Spirit, but with that being said we believe God uses His body to not only evangelize through our voices but also by our actions. The group of people that God has called us to long for relationships; we believe that the person who has surrendered to God will have to be walked with at a high level. A person who has confessed Jesus as Lord has to be discipled with patience and loving rebuke. This type of teaching requires deep relationship.
Through our relationship model and our outreach center, “A Hand Up,” we have been fortunate enough to walk with a church planter (Chad Edwards) and are getting close to sending him out. He will launch Encounter Church in the spring of 2021. None of this would be possible without the very generous support of the Janie Chapman Offering! The Rock Hill Dream Center Church is so very thankful for all of the support that has brought us to this place in the vision and mission God has entrusted us with.

Prayer Requests:
•Please pray for Chad and his launch team as it develops through 2020.
•Please pray for God to raise up more leaders that can be sent.
•Please pray for humility and surrender in our church body.