Activities Update

Dear church family,

We ask that you pray to our Father and Lord regarding our faithfulness in continuing to give financially as we have been given. For those of you who are continuing to give, thanks for your faithfulness in giving to your Lord while we are in this very difficult time. Would those of you who have not yet given during this time, please consider giving to the Lord’s Kingdom through your church, NABC?

God has allowed us to go through such a trying time as this with the COVID-19 virus. We have been told not to gather together physically as a body, for the health of not only our people but all those they might run into. We are trying to be considerate to all people and protective of those who are most vulnerable. Thank God and continue to pray for His guidance as we steer through these unparalleled times.

It looks like because of the President’s directive that we will not meet at least until the first of May. We are working on a special Easter service for all who will be online with us. Pray for us as we finalize all the preparations. For special encouragement, I hope you are watching the Guidepost Daily Devotions each day.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any needs you have that we can meet. We love you and pray for you all.

Your shepherds of the flock at NABC