From Your Pastor, October 2010

Prayers of the body of Christ here at NABC and those of the Lay Renewal Team members have been answered.  God showed up at our Lay Renewal Weekend!  I hope that you were here and if you could not be, I hope you prayed for those that were.  Some of you reading this are ill or shut-ins and are unable to participate like you would like to, as you did in years past.  You are still valuable to the church family and your prayers will make a difference in eternity.  Thank you for all you do and your prayers for this weekend.
God blessed so much throughout the weekend. We even had two of our children come during the morning service to profess that Jesus has come into their hearts.
The lay team members led those who came in small group discussions at various times during the weekend.  Each time those who participated were enlightened about their fellow member’s physical and spiritual journeys.  Everyone said that learning another’s story was so valuable in getting to really know a person.
During our evening service of 2 ½ hours, many of our members shared their sorrows, joys, sins and needs.  They talked about the church, the good things and those things that need to be changed so we might become more like the Lord Jesus. So many shared how they had sensed the presence of the Lord in their lives this weekend and how God was dealing with them right then.  One who was not a member expressed her desire to become a member of the church.  Several mothers came confessing that they needed to have a stronger personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and experience a quiet time on a regular basis.  Then the moms asked for help to become better wives and mothers.  Two of our older women talked with those young moms after the service and then one of the older women called me the next morning informing me of her desire to start a ministry to those moms. Paul has told us in Titus that older women should teach younger women.  This will truly be a Biblical ministry.
We also had several members express their sense of calling to become involved in Lay Renewals.  From the evaluation forms 19 people shared their interest in possibly participating in Lay Renewal Weekends.
Our church was profoundly affected by the small group times where they had the chance to hear one another’s stories.  Many of our folks asked for prayer from their fellow members, and we stopped right then and prayed for them.  Some revealed that the Saturday night prayer time with the families was very moving.  Some of the parents had never heard their children pray for them and some wives had never heard their husbands pray for their children.
Where to go from here?  Our Spiritual Growth Team had already talked about moving to the next Lay Weekend.  Now your staff and our lay leaders will get together and talk about a possible schedule for that ministry sometime next year.
I have been so pleased with the weekend.  It has accomplished what I had hoped. My prayer is that the excitement will spread to those who missed this “experience of a lifetime” and have them ask questions and search out for themselves the answers to what is the difference with their friends and fellow members.  We pray that our church fellowship will never be the same again!
Thanks to Bruce and Kathy Byce for their great leadership.  They followed God’s guidance and chose great leaders to prepare for this important weekend. Each of you did an admirable job honoring Christ in all you did.
Blessing to you all,